What We Do

Welcome Center

Many Ethiopian immigrants do not know where to begin once they arrive in the United States. Our center acts as a one stop place for Ethiopians/Africans seeking to orient themselves

with life in the USA.

Our center provides the following services:

  • Finding Housing
  • Pairing up with Host Families
  • Assistance in obtaining driver’s license and navigating the complex process of other legal documents
  • Assistance in finding employment and employment resources
  • Act as a liaison with state and federal agencies to provide necessary services
  • Offer translation services if needed
  • Assistance in locating relatives or family acquaintances
  • Resource Library that

Resource Library

Our library will collect Ethiopian Books, Movies, TV shows, Newspapers and Magazines will be maintained. The resources can be checked out by members in a manner similar to a public library.

Arrangements with Ethiopian publishers will be made to import resources as donations or at a reduced price. Members should be able to buy certain items from the library if arrangements with vendors can be made.

Donation Center

The center will serve as a drop-off location for clothes, toys and other re-usable items which can be utilized by people in need here in the United States. Using a vast network of members and sponsors

, the donation center will collect items as well as raise the funds needed to transport the items to places where they are needed.

The following items are accepted:

  • Computers and Electronics
  • Used school laboratory equipment
  • Clothing
  • Toys and Kids Video
  • Textbooks
  • Books (Literature, Science, Fiction and Non-fiction)

Sports Center

The center will coordinate various sports events for both kids and adults

, including:

  • Soccer Tournament for Youth
  • Indoor games for Winter
  • Training programs for various sports


A monthly newsletter will be published and mailed to all members. In addition, several copies will be sent to various venues and hubs frequented by Ethiopians/Africans.

The newsletter will serve as a tool to publish upcoming events and highlight important developments in the center. We will also publish an online version of the newsletter that can be accessed from our website.


Ethiopian/African owned businesses are encouraged to join the center’s network of service providers. The center will bring business experts together to mentor and inspire upcoming business owners.

Established businesses will benefit from wide exposure and promotion they will receive in the Ethiopian/African community.

Student Connect

Serve as a medium where Ethiopian/African students can connect. We will provide resources as well as a volunteer program. We will involve local churches and youth programs in our center’s events and activities.

Fund Raising

In order for the center to be viable, it has to be able to raise enough money to cover the operating expenses. The following sources of funding have been suggested

:Membership Dues: Each member will pay a certain monthly fee. The exact amount will depend on budget and availability of other resources. Sponsors: Africans and local businesses will be recruited to join as sponsors. Local companies may include schools, banks, and government agencies. Revenue: The center will be able to generate some revenue from its various activities. The following areas may serve as sources of revenue:

  • Facility rental fee
  • After-school events
  • Sale of items
  • Trainings and Seminars
  • Advertisements in newsletters and other center publications
  • Volunteers: The center will rely on volunteers to perform most of the tasks. They will be encouraged to give new ideas.